Who we are: The Fusion Food Factory is part of the Bartolina Farming and Agro Tourism Group. We showcase typical, on property produced, and other regional products and we run a Barbeque to feed you. 

Fusion Food: We create  a fusion of food products from many regions and other countries. This differentiate us from the typical normal local style fare or rather say we take the ordinary and try to create the unique. 

What we do: We create our own sausage lines for the Barbeque. We strive to obtain the best meat products  available and then produce a feast with grilled vegetables, salads and sweets. We will consider doing a vegetarian Barbeque lunch if pre-booked.

What you can drink: We serve local beer on tap as well as wines from the region.

Reservations are recommended but if you are late we will always try to squeeze you in somewhere. 

The Place: This is a working farm – we do NOT really want suits and ties. The “Mess” is rustic and we serve both outdoors and indoors. 

Place for the kids to play – yes it’s a farm. 

Payment – Cash 

Menu – Created Daily